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John Sherry began Firefly as both a record label and a booking agency in 1973. The combination allowed for advertising that included the name of the booking agent which Sherry thought was important for concert promoters to be able to find easily and in build the artist's career.

Distributed by A&M Records, Ltd. 1974-1976. Sherry told Music Week, "The record company we have faith in is A&M. We saw a few people but we felt A&M was the right outfit to deal with. Managing director Derek Green liked the idea, and he's interested in acts which go the live work route." 

The first recording distributed under the agreement was the Movies. The second album was by Hustler. 


A&M Records, Ltd. assigned Firefly Records singles its own unique stock number series AMS 5XXX. 


Building Up At Firefly. Adam White. Music Week, January 10, 1978.


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