Heads In

Stock Number
MF 96218
A&M Records
New Zealand
Released: 1970
Artist Track Sort descending Title Time
Strawbs 1 The Battle 00:00:00
Phil Ochs 2 Ten Cents a Coup 00:00:00
Shawn Phillips 3 Man Hole Covered Wagon 00:00:00
Don Preston 4 Morning Rain 00:00:00
Flying Burrito Brothers 5 The Train Song 00:00:00
Supertramp 6 Nothing to Show 00:00:00
Lee Michaels 7 Ummmm My Lady 00:00:00
Brainchild 8 The Cage 00:00:00
Ron Davies 9 It Ain't Easy 00:00:00
Humble Pie 10 One Eyed Trouser Snake Rumba 00:00:00

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