A Year Ago We Hadn't Heard Of Them Either

Stock Number
SP 17413
SP 017413-A/B
A&M Records
United States
Released: 1986
Recording Notes
Trifold cover.
Artist Track Sort descending Title Time
Double 1 The Captain Of Her Heart 00:04:32
Double 2 Woman Of the World 00:03:53
Lover Speaks 3 No More "I Love You's" 00:04:02
Lover Speaks 4 Every Lover's Sign 00:04:38
David + David 5 Welcome to the Boomtown 00:05:31
David + David 6 Swallowed By the Cracks 00:04:16
Bricklin 7 Even When You're Done With Me 00:03:42
Bricklin 8 All You Own 00:04:53
Rosie Vela 9 Magic Smile 00:04:24
Rosie Vela 10 Interlude 00:04:04

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