Behind the Eyes - Amy Grant

Stock Number
31454 0760
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 1997
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Nobody Home 00:03:37
2 I Will Be Your Friend 00:04:00
3 Like I Love You 00:04:31
4 Takes a Little Time 00:04:32
5 Cry a River 00:04:39
6 Turn This World Around 00:03:40
7 Curious Thing 00:04:05
8 Every Road 00:04:31
9 Leave It All Behind 00:03:22
10 Missing You 00:04:28
11 The Feeling I Had 00:02:55
12 Somewhere Down the Road 00:05:08
Credit Sort descending Role
Amy Grant executive producer
Andy Haller overdub assistant
Bill Whittington engineer
Bill Whittington mix
Bob Ludwig mastering
Chuck Linder assistant engineer
Craig Hansen overdub
D’Ann McAlister production assistant
Dan Marnien engineer
Dan Marnien mix
David Anderle executive producer
David Nottingham mix assistant
Eric Elwell overdub assistant
Eric Greedy overdub assistant
Frank Rinella overdub assistant
Glenn Spinner overdub assistant
Greg Parker assistant engineer
Greg Ross art direction
Greg Ross design
James Baird overdub
Keith Thomas arranger
Keith Thomas producer
Kurt Markus photography
Michael Blanton executive producer
Michael Zainer overdub assistant
Patrick Murphy assistant engineer
Reed Shippen overdub assistant
Shaun Shankel coordination
Shawn McLean assistant engineer
Thomas Johnson overdub assistant
Tom Laune overdub
Wayne Kirkpatrick producer

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