The Flame - Annabel Lamb

Stock Number
AMP 28096
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1984
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Sacraments Of Love 00:03:59
2 Hands Of the Hunter 00:04:23
3 Weapon Of Love 00:04:17
4 Dream Boy 00:03:52
5 What the Eye Sees 00:05:16
6 Things That I Fear 00:04:42
7 The Flame 00:03:49
8 So Lucky In Bed 00:03:05
9 Inside Of My Head 00:03:24
10 Talking to Me 00:04:07
Credit Sort descending Role
Alan Hodgson drums
Andrew Levien engineer
Annabel Lamb background vocal
Annabel Lamb keyboards
Annabel Lamb vocal
Chris Jarrett guitar
David Anderle producer
Deff de Morris assistant engineer
Doug Norwine tenor sax
Gene Wooley assistant engineer
Greg Fulginiti mastering
Iain McKell photography
Jim Dvorak trumpet
JoAnn Harris background vocal
Joe Chiccarelli engineer
Judi Brown background vocal
Kurt McGettrick baritone sax
Kyoto Read calligraphy
Laurence Stevens typography
Michael Ross art direction
Michael Ross design
Nancy Shanks background vocal
Richard Gibbs keyboards
Richard Gibbs programming
Richard Stevens drums
Robin Langridge background vocal
Robin Langridge keyboards
Scott Breadman percussion
Simon Adamczewski design
Simon Smart engineer
Steve Greetham bass
Sven Tait assistant engineer
Tim Dennon assistant engineer
Troye Davenport background vocal
Wally Brill producer

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