Merge - Arthur Baker

Stock Number
AMC 5262
A&M Records
cassette album.
Released: 1989-8 -14
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Talk It Over 00:00:00
2 Willin' to Be Chillin' 00:00:00
3 Last Thing On My Mind 00:00:00
4 Mythical Girl 00:00:00
5 I Believe In Love 00:00:00
6 The Message Is Love 00:00:00
7 Walk Away 00:00:00
8 It's Your Time 00:00:00
9 Count to Ten 00:00:00
10 Silly Games 00:00:00
11 Ugly Truth 00:00:00
12 2 x 1 00:00:00
13 All I Ever Wanted 00:00:00
14 Paris Sens Dinteret 00:00:00
Credit Sort descending Role
Abdu Malahi assistant engineer
Al Green vocal
Andrew Catlin photography
Andrew McCluskey keyboards
Andrew McCluskey vocal
Angela Brown background vocal
Angelo guitar
Angelo keyboards
Arthur Baker arranger
Arthur Baker background vocal
Arthur Baker bass
Arthur Baker drums
Arthur Baker keyboards
Arthur Baker percussion
Arthur Baker producer
Audrey Wheeler background vocal
Avril Mackintosh engineer
Barry Rudolph engineer
Bashiri Johnson percussion
Bob Cadway mix
Bobby Khozouri arranger
Bobby Khozouri co-producer
Bobby Khozouri drum programming
Bobby Khozouri drums
Bobby Khozouri keyboards
Cevin Fisher drums
Chyna Gordon background vocal
Cindy Mizelle background vocal
Connie Harvey background vocal
Craig Derry background vocal
Danny Madden background vocal
David Clayton keyboards
David Clayton programming
David O’Bear keyboards
David Sussman engineer
Don Feinberg engineer
Doug Wimbush bass
Etienne Daho vocal
Force Md’s background vocal
Fred Zarr arranger
Fred Zarr keyboards
Fred Zarr percussion
Fred Zarr piano
Fred Zarr producer
Fred Zarr programming
Fred Zarr synthesizer
Gary Wilkinson engineer
Gerry Atkins background vocal
Gwnael Micault accordion
Ira Siegel guitar
Jean-Philippe Bonichon engineer
Jeffrey Smith sax
Jeoff Calber engineer
Jeremy Pearce art direction
Jeremy Pearce design
Jimmy Sommerville background vocal
Jimmy Sommerville vocal
Jocelyn Brown background vocal
John Pienge assistant engineer
John Potoker mix
John Warren background vocal
John Warren vocal
Karen Stickney background vocal
Keith LeBlanc drums
Lance McVickar engineer
Lotti Golden arranger
Lotti Golden background vocal
Lotti Golden producer
Louis Scalise engineer
Mac Quayle background vocal
Mac Quayle keyboards
Mac Quayle piano
Mac Quayle producer
Mac Quayle vocal
Mark Plati engineer
Mark Plati keyboards
Mark Roule guitar
Mark White background vocal
Martin Fry background vocal
Martin Fry vocal
Michael Hutchinson mix
Michael Levine arranger
Michael Levine keyboards
Nicky Moroch guitar
Norma Wright background vocal
Philip Damien arranger
Philip Damien background vocal
Philip Damien drums
Rhythum Assylum vocal
Richard Scher arranger
Richard Scher bass
Richard Scher keyboards
Richard Scher producer
Rob Paustian mix
Sally Berg tambourine
Sandra St. Victor background vocal
Shaun James assistant engineer
Sheila Smith background vocal
Shirley Lewis background vocal
Shirley Lewis vocal
Skip Alexander guitar
Sophie Bramley vocal
Steve Doria assistant engineer
Steve Peck mix
Steven Wellner assistant engineer
Stu Kimball guitar
Tina B background vocal
Tiny Valentine background vocal
Tiny Valentine vocal
Tom Laune engineer
Tom Lord-Alge mix
Tommy Farragher arranger
Tommy Farragher background vocal
Tommy Farragher bass
Tommy Farragher drums
Tommy Farragher keyboards
Tommy Farragher producer
Will Downing background vocal
William Bookheim engineer
Xavier Geronimi guitar

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