Comedy - Black

Stock Number
D25Y 3271
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 1988-11 -2
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 The Big One 00:03:53
2 I Can Laugh About It Now 00:05:00
3 Whatever People Say You Are 00:03:57
4 You're a Big Girl Now 00:04:19
5 Let Me Watch You Make Love 00:03:08
6 Hey, I Was Right You Were Wrong 00:03:39
7 All We Need Is the Money 00:04:30
8 You Don't Always Do What's Best For You 00:04:43
9 Now You're Gone 00:03:42
10 No-One, None, Nothing 00:04:51
11 It’s Not Over Yet 00:05:18
12 Paradise Lost 00:05:35
Credit Sort descending Role
Black guitar
Black vocal
Cameron Jenkins assistant engineer
Dave Anderson engineer
Dave Dix keyboards
Dave Dix producer
Dave Dix programming
Derek Green background vocal
Gavin Harrison drums
Gordon Morgan guitar
Jeremy Pearce art direction
Jeremy Pearce design
Jeremy Pearce photography
Jock Loveband assistant engineer
John Warwicker art direction
John Warwicker design
John Warwicker photography
Martin Ditcham percussion
Martin Green sax
Pete Adams keyboards
Pete Adams piano
Phil Legg engineer
Robin Evans assistant engineer
Robin Millar guitar
Robin Millar producer
Sara Lamarra background vocal
Simeon Jones harmonica
Steve Pearce bass
Steve Sidwell trumpet
Tim Young mastering
Tina Labrinski background vocal
Vivid I.D. art direction
Vivid I.D. design
Vivid I.D. photography

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