ICON - Blues Traveler

Stock Number
602537 458141
A&M Records
United States
CD album.
Released: 2013-7 -30
Recording Notes
Deleted 12/13/2016
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Run Around 00:04:40
2 But Anyway 00:04:10
3 The Mountains Win Again 00:05:06
4 Carolina Blues 00:04:44
5 Hook 00:04:48
6 Orange In the South 00:03:52
7 Conquer Me 00:05:09
8 Back In the Day 00:04:03
9 100 Years 00:03:42
10 Most Precarious 00:03:27
11 All In the Groove 00:04:15
Credit Sort descending Role
Ben Wilson keyboards
Blues Traveler arranger
Blues Traveler producer
Bobby Sheehan bass
Brendan Hill drums
Chan Kinchla guitar
Chris Barron background vocal
David Blanco engineer
David Blanco mix
David Blanco producer
David Ralicke sax
David Swanson producer
Howie Wyeth piano
Jeff Jippay assistant engineer
Jim Gaines producer
John Popper harmonica
John Popper vocal
Jordan Katz trumpet
Justin Niebank arranger
Justin Niebank engineer
Justin Niebank mix
Matt Wallace producer
Michael Barbiero arranger
Michael Barbiero engineer
Michael Barbiero mix
Michael Barbiero producer
Mike Fossenkemper assistant engineer
Paul Figueroa assistant engineer
Steve Thompson arranger
Steve Thompson mix
Steve Thompson producer
Trina Shoemaker mix

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