Bob Scobey’s Frisco Band

Recording Years / Label
Name Member Years Instruments
Bob Scobey trumpet
Bill Napier clarinet
Jack Buck trombone
Ernie Lewis piano
Clancy Hayes banjo, vocal
Dick Lammi bass
Earl Watkins drums
Hal McCormick bass
Name Birth Death
Bob Scobey 1916-12-09 1963-06-12
Bill Napier 1992-04-30
Jack Buck 1911-10-06 1997-12-07
Ernie Lewis
Clancy Hayes 1908-11-14 1972-03-13
Dick Lammi 1909-01-15 1969-11-29
Earl Watkins 1920-01-29 2007-07-01
Hal McCormick
Name See associated acts
Clancy Hayes Turk Murphy's Jazz Band
Dick Lammi Lu Watters’ Yerba Buena Jazz Band

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