Giants In Our Own Room - Bob Siebenberg

Stock Number
394 950
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 C'est Le Dip 00:05:07
2 Strangers in Love 00:03:57
3 Het Tori 00:03:19
4 Amnesia 00:04:06
5 Permanent Vacation (Take it on the Lamb) 00:04:39
6 Crazy World 00:06:24
7 Eventide 00:04:43
8 Token Jest 00:04:15
9 Corners 00:02:14
10 Good Man Down 00:05:57
Credit Sort descending Role
B. J. Wilson drums
Baxter Robertson vocal
Bob Siebenberg drums
Bob Siebenberg keyboards
Bob Siebenberg percussion
Bob Siebenberg vocal
Derek Beauchemin keyboards
Jay Bodean background vocal
John Helliwell woodwind
Kerry Hatch bass
Kerry Morris bass
Leslie Smith background vocal
Marty Walsh guitar
Richard Eliot sax
Scott Page flute
Scott Page sax
Steve Farris guitar

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