Bandolier - Budgie

Stock Number
SP 4618
SP 4975--SP 4976
A&M Records
United States
vinyl album, cassette album, 8-track.
Released: 1975
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Breaking All the House Rules and... 00:07:22
2 Slipaway/A Parrot Fashion Ball 00:03:57
3 Who Do You Want For Your Love 00:06:07
4 I Can't See My Feelings/Rock Climbing 00:05:49
5 I Ain't No Mountain 00:03:32
6 Napoleon Bona--Part One 00:06:13
7 Napoleon Bona--Part Two 00:01:00
Credit Sort descending Role
Burke Shelley bass
Burke Shelley lead vocal
Burke Shelley producer
John Pasche art direction
Pat Moran engineer
Patrick Woodroffe illustration
Peter Vernon photography
Ray Martinez engineer
Richard Manwaring engineer
Steve Williams drums
Steve Williams lead vocal
Steve Williams percussion
Steve Williams producer
Tony Bourge guitar
Tony Bourge producer

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