Numbers - Cat Stevens

Stock Number
75021 4555
A&M Records
United States
CD album, cassette album.
Released: 1990
Recording Notes
Reissue of SP 4555.
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Whistlestar 00:03:46
2 Novim's Nightmare 00:03:50
3 Majik Of Majiks 00:04:30
4 Drywood 00:04:53
5 Banapple Gas 00:03:07
6 Land O'Freelove & Goodbye 00:02:50
7 Jzero 00:03:44
8 Home 00:04:09
9 Monad's Anthem 00:02:43
Credit Sort descending Role
Alun Davies guitar
Alun Davies vocal
Anna Peacock background vocal
Anna Peacock vocal
Art Garfunkel background vocal
Art Garfunkel vocal
Barbara Massey background vocal
Barbara Massey vocal
Bart Chiate mix
Bernie Grundman mastering
Beth Stempel coordination
Bill Levenson reissue supervision
Bob Lambert photography
Brenda Russell background vocal
Brenda Russell vocal
Bruce Lynch bass
Carl Hall background vocal
Carl Hall vocal
Carmen Twillie background vocal
Carmen Twillie vocal
Carol Hall vocal
Cat Stevens artwork
Cat Stevens guitar
Cat Stevens photography
Cat Stevens piano
Cat Stevens producer
Cat Stevens synthesizer
Cat Stevens vocal
Chico Batera congas
Chico Batera gamza
Chico Batera triangle
Chico Batera waterphone
Chico Batera watherphone
Chico Batera wind chimes
David Sanborn alto sax
David Sanborn sax
Gary Ulmer mix
Gerry Block mix
Gerry Conway drums
Gerry Conway vocal
Gordie Fleming accordion
Jean Roussel arranger
Jean Roussel harpsichord
Jean Roussel organ
Jean Roussel piano
Jean Roussel string and brass arrangement
Jean Roussel synthesizer
Jean Roussel vibraphone
Leanne Ungar engineer
Lewis Furey background vocal
Lewis Furey vocal
Magic Children of Ottawa background vocal
Magic Children of Ottawa vocal
Melba Joyce background vocal
Melba Joyce vocal
Mike Diehl design
Nick Blagona engineer
Nick Blagona mix
Patrick Chevalot mix
Rene Ameline mix
Ron St. Germain mix
Simon Nicol guitar
Suzanne Lynch background vocal
Suzanne Lynch vocal
Tasha Thomas background vocal
Tasha Thomas vocal
Ted Jensen remastering
Vartan Kurjian art direction
Venette Gloud background vocal
Venette Gloud vocal
Vincent Beck background vocal
Vincent Beck vocal

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