All Over You - Chilliwack

Stock Number
SP 4375
SP 4651--SP 4652
A&M Records
United States
vinyl album.
Released: 1972
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Singin' the Blues (All Over You) 00:03:23
2 Ground Hog 00:03:04
3 C S Man 00:03:33
4 Hot Winds 00:03:23
5 Nothin' to Do 00:05:30
6 The Fields and the Sea 00:03:43
7 Rock 'N Roll Music 00:02:42
8 Things Keep Changin' 00:02:11
9 Me and You 00:03:00
10 Hit Him With Another Egg 00:02:38
11 Goodnight 00:02:49
Credit Sort descending Role
Bill Henderson arranger
Bill Henderson guitar
Bill Henderson lead vocal
Bill Henderson producer
Bob Buckley keyboards
Bob Buckley sax
Glenn Miller bass
Glenn Miller lead vocal
Joan Henderson background vocal
Joan Henderson woodwinds
Mike Flicker engineer
Ross Turney arranger
Ross Turney drums
Ross Turney percussion
Ross Turney producer
Russ Godwin assistant engineer

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