The Getaway - Chris DeBurgh

Stock Number
AMLH 68549
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1982-10 -4
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Don't Pay the Ferryman 00:03:47
2 Living On the Island 00:03:30
3 Crying and Laughing 00:04:34
4 I'm Counting On You 00:04:25
5 The Getaway 00:03:42
6 Ship to Shore 00:03:49
7 All the Love I Have Inside 00:03:15
8 Borderline 00:04:38
9 Where Peaceful Waters Flow 00:03:56
10 The Revolution 00:09:03
11 Light a Fire 00:00:00
12 Liberty 00:00:00
Chart Peak Date
Official UK Charts 30 1982-10-9
Credit Sort descending Role
Andrew Ellis typography
Anthony Head vocal
Anthony Thistlewaite sax
Bernie Grundman mastering
Chris DeBurgh piano
David Caddick piano
Diane Davison vocal
Fin Costello photography
John Giblin bass
Michael Ross art direction
Michael Ross photography
Miriam Stockley vocal
Nigel Warren-Green cello
Phil Palmer guitar
Rupert Hine guitar
Rupert Hine percussion
Rupert Hine producer
Rupert Hine synthesizer
Rupert Hine vocal
Stephen Tayler engineer
Stephen Tayler sax
Steve Negus drums
Sue Wilkinson vocal
Syd Brak illustration
Tim Wynveen guitar
Tim Wynveen vocal

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