Junior Jug Band - Chris & Ken Whiteley

Stock Number
TR 18
Troubadour Records
vinyl album.
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Turkey In the Straw 00:02:00
2 Coney Island Washboard 00:01:07
3 Walk, Walk, Walk 00:01:55
4 The Sun Is a Very Magic Fellow 00:00:47
5 You Are My Sunshine 00:00:50
6 Keep On the Sunnyside 00:01:14
7 The Barn Yard Dance 00:02:20
8 Rich Gal 00:02:45
9 Down By the Riverside 00:02:18
10 Walk Right In 00:02:05
11 The Fox and the Dogs 00:04:08
12 Old Rattler 00:01:38
13 The Skeleton In the Closet 00:03:01
14 Shake My Sillies Out 00:01:44
15 Purple People Eater 00:02:05
16 So Long, It's Been Good to Know You (Dusty Old Dust) 00:01:35
Credit Sort descending Role
Bill Beecroft baritone sax
Bill Bryans drums
Brian Pickell photography
Caitlin Hanford vocal
Chad Irschick engineer
Chris Whiteley guitar
Chris Whiteley harmonica
Chris Whiteley producer
Chris Whiteley trumpet
Daniel Whiteley vocal
Elizabeth Macay vocal
Ian Bell photography
Jody Golick bass
Jody Golick soprano sax
Jody Golick tenor sax
Jody Golick vocal
Ken Bloom clarinet
Ken Bloom dobro
Ken Bloom zither
Ken Whiteley accordion
Ken Whiteley banjo
Ken Whiteley dobro
Ken Whiteley fiddle
Ken Whiteley guitar
Ken Whiteley mandolin
Ken Whiteley mandolini
Ken Whiteley piano
Ken Whiteley producer
Ken Whiteley washboard
Mike Appleyard xylophone
Mike Gardner bass
Phil Strong drums
Spectrum School Singers vocal

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