Claire Lawrence

"When an artist is recording he always has to know exactly where things are because otherwise he's completely cut off in that studio. Your job as a producer is to communicate with him and keep him comfortable all the time....You have to be good friends with the artist because there's such a high degree of trust involved. When an artist is performing, that's when he or she is expressing themselves as fully as they can. That's when they're in their most vulnerable state....I believe in setting the climate for the artist to do what he can do. Whatever it takes you've got to find out how they work best."--Claire Lawrence, RPM December 11, 1976


After leaving Chilliwack in 1972, Claire Lawrence went on to produce artists whose recordings were distributed by A&M Records Canada including Valdy, Susan Jacks, Bim and the Hometown Band.

Claire Lawrence's solo album Leaving You Free was released on Haida Records in 1973. Haida worked with its distributor A&M Records Canada on a promotional campaign that included radio and newspaper ads, posters, stickers and cotton banners for window display.


Haida/A&M Ship Lawrence Album. RPM, June 23, 1973.
Claire Lawrence the Man Behind the Hometown Band. Richard J. Skelly. RPM, December 11, 1976.

Recording Years / Label
1973 -  Haida Records
1980 -  Sloth Records
flute, bass, organ, sax, vocals
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