Spinozza - David Spinozza

Stock Number
AMS 5129
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1978
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Superstar 00:05:44
2 On My Way to the Liquor Store 00:06:52
3 Prelude to "the Ballerina" 00:03:14
4 The Ballerina 00:05:35
5 Edge Of the Sword 00:04:59
6 Country Bumpkin 00:04:04
7 Doesn't She Know By Now 00:04:43
8 Airborne 00:05:33
9 High Button Shoes 00:03:21
Credit Sort descending Role
Alan Rubin trumpet
Anahid Dimitrades violin
Anthony Jackson bass
Barry Finclair viola
Barry Rogers trombone
Beverly Lauridsen cello
Charles McCracken cello
David Carey percussion
David Lasley background vocal
David Nadien concertmaster
David Sanborn sax
David Spinozza arranger
David Spinozza conductor
David Spinozza lead guitar
David Spinozza lead vocal
David Spinozza orchestration
David Spinozza producer
David Taylor trombone
David Tofani flute
David Tofani sax
Diva Gray background vocal
Don Grolnick piano
Eddie Gomez string bass
Emanuel Vardi viola
Gary Henry photography
Gary Mure percussion
George Marge english horn
George Marge flute
George Young flute
George Young sax
Gerald Tarack violin
Gordon Grody background vocal
Guy Lumia violin
Harold Kohon violin
Harry Lookofsky violin
Jeffrey Kawalek engineer
Joe Caro rhythm guitar
John Clark french horn
Jon Faddis trumpet
Kessy Levy cello
Kim Carlson background vocal
Lamar Alsop viola
Leanne Ungar engineer
Leon Pendarvis acoustic piano
Leon Pendarvis arranger
Leon Pendarvis electric piano
Lewis Eley violin
Lucy Staltzman violin
Luther Vandross background vocal
Lynn Goldsmith photography
Margaret Ross harp
Mathew Raimondi violin
Michael Brecker sax
Michael Moore string bass
Mike Mainieri arranger
Mike Mainieri percussion
Mike Mainieri producer
Mike Mainieri synthesizer
Mike Mainieri vibraphone
Mike Mainieri xylophone
Olie Cotton assistant engineer
Ora Shiran violin
Paul Gershman violin
Peter Roulinavage, III assistant engineer
Phil Shima design
Randy Brecker trumpet
Richard Hendrickson violin
Richard Sortmomme violin
Rick Marotta drums
Rob Mounsey electric piano
Roland Young art direction
Ronald Cuber sax
Rubens Bassini percussion
Sanford Allen violin
Selwart Clarke viola
Sharon Moe french horn
Steve Jordan drums
Sue Pray viola
Theodore Israel viola
Tony Posk violin
Tony Price tuba
Warren Bernhardt piano
Warren Bernhardt synthesizer
Wayne Andre trombone

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