Extreme - Extreme

Stock Number
UICY 25145
498800 5688729
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 2012-1 -25
Recording Notes
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Little Girls 00:03:45
2 Wind Me Up 00:03:35
3 Kid Ego 00:04:02
4 Watching, Waiting 00:04:54
5 Mutha (Don't Wanna Go to School Today) 00:04:49
6 Teacher's Pet 00:03:01
7 Big Boys Don't Cry 00:03:35
8 Smoke Signals 00:04:13
9 Flesh 'N' Blood 00:03:30
10 Rock a Bye Bye 00:05:56
11 Play With Me 00:03:38
Credit Sort descending Role
Bob St. John engineer
Bob St. John mix
Extreme producer
Gary Cherone background vocal
Gary Cherone logo
Gary Cherone vocal
Harris Savides photography
Howie Weinberg mastering
Jeff Gold art direction
Mack engineer
Mack producer
Nigel Green mix
Nuno Bettencourt guitar
Nuno Bettencourt mix
Nuno Bettencourt percussion
Nuno Bettencourt piano
Nuno Bettencourt synthesizer
Nuno Bettencourt vocal
Pat Badger bass
Pat Badger vocal
Paul Geary coordination
Paul Geary drums
Paul Geary percussion
Paul Geary vocal

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