Falco TV Show Appearances

Falco made 36 guest appearances on television programs around the world. You can sort the table by the name of the television show, the date it aired or by country.

TV Show Date Sort ascending Notes
Top Of the Pops 1986-6-12 Vienna Calling
Top Of the Pops 1986-4-17 Rock Me Amadeus
Top Of the Pops 1986-4-3 Rock Me Amadeus
American Bandstand 1986-3-29 Rock Me Amadeus (video)
Top Of the Pops 1986-3-27 Rock Me Amadeus
Top Of the Pops 1986-5-8 Rock Me Amadeus
Solid Gold 1986-5-20 Rock Me Amadeus
Night Tracks 1986-5-30 Interview
Top Of the Pops 1986-6-5 Vienna Calling
American Bandstand 1986-6-14 Rock Me Amadeus/Interview/Vienna Calling
Solid Gold 1986-7-12 Vienna Calling
Wetten Dass..? 1986-9-27
Top Of the Pops 1986-12-25 Rock Me Amadeus
Geld Oder Leber! 1986
Opus und Freunde 1986
Rock Me Amadeus--Falco 1986
Kanguru 1985-12-5 Jeanny
Na Sowas! 1985-4-5 Rock Me Amadeus
Kanguru 1985-12-5 Jeanny
ZDF Hitparade 1985-10-16
Kanguru 1985-9-26 Vienna Calling
ZDF Hitparade 1985-6-26
Musik Conwoy 1985-6-3 Rock Me Amadeus
Feel the Motion 1985
Angel Casas Show 1984-12-11
Auf Los Geht's Los 1984-10-20
Ohne Maulkorb 1984-5-13
Champs-Elysees 1983-4-2
M.O. Music Show 1982
ZDF Hitparade 1982-9-6
WWF Club 1982-4-23 Der Komissar
Ronny's Pop Show 1982-6-14 Der Kommissar
Disco 1982-4-19 Der Kommissar
TopPop 1981-12-12 Der Kommissar
.... Interview on Rock Me Amadeus
Night Tracks Interview on Rock Me Amadeus