Seeds - Gallagher & Lyle

Stock Number
87 580 IT
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1973
Track Track Title Sort ascending Track Time
6 The Clearings 00:03:19
4 Sleepyhead 00:03:23
9 Shine a Light 00:03:44
8 Seeds Of Change 00:03:47
12 Seeds 00:04:35
7 Remember Then 00:02:44
10 Randolph and Me 00:03:55
5 Layna 00:03:52
3 I Believe In You 00:04:25
1 Country Morning 00:04:06
11 Cape Cod Houses 00:01:14
2 A Misspent Youth 00:02:43
Credit Sort ascending Role
Michael Doud art direction
Jimmy Jewell sax
Graham Lyle guitar
Graham Lyle lead vocal
Glyn Johns engineer
Glyn Johns producer
Bruce Rowland drums
Bruce Rowland marimba
Brian Rogers string arrangement
Benny Gallagher guitar
Benny Gallagher keyboards
Benny Gallagher lead vocal
Barry Lategan photography

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