G-Force - Granati Brothers

Stock Number
SP 4748
SP 04748-A/B
A&M Records
United States
vinyl album, cassette album, 8-track.
Released: 1979
Recording Notes
Custom liner
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 What In the World 00:02:50
2 You Looked So Good 00:01:57
3 April 00:02:34
4 I Can Do Without You 00:02:59
5 No Stone Unturned 00:03:01
6 Nite 00:02:35
7 Nothin' 00:03:15
8 Make It Last 00:02:56
9 It Was You 00:03:02
10 Take Up My Time (Someone to) 00:02:17
11 She Doesn't Cry 00:04:37
Credit Sort descending Role
Bill Thompson assistant engineer
David Granati bass
David Granati guitar
David Granati lead vocal
Hermie Granati assistant producer
Hermie Granati keyboards
Hermie Granati lead vocal
Hermie Granati synth bass
Joey Granati keyboards
Joey Granati lead vocal
Joey Granati synth bass
Junie Osaki design
Mark Hanauer photography
Michael Getlin engineer
Paul Northfield engineer
Ray Shulman engineer
Ray Shulman producer
Rich Hart engineer
Ricky Granati drums
Ricky Granati lead vocal
Ricky Granati percussion
Roland Young art direction
Stan Evenson design
Tony Bonomo drums
Tony Bonomo lead vocal
Tony Bonomo percussion

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