Heinz Holliger/Maurice Bourgue/Klaus Thunemann/Yoshio Nagashima/Christiane Jaccottet

Recording Years / Label
1991 -  Denon Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Christiane Jaccottet 1991 harpsichord
Heinz Holliger 1991 oboe
Klaus Thunemann 1991 bassoon
Maurice Bourgue 1991 oboe
Klaus Thunemann 1991 bassoon
Yoshio Nagashima 1991 bass
Name Birth Death
Christiane Jaccottet 1937-05-18 1999-10-26
Heinz Holliger 1939-05-21
Klaus Thunemann 1937-04-19
Maurice Bourgue 1939-11-06 2023-10-06
Klaus Thunemann 1937-04-19
Yoshio Nagashima 1947-04-09

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