Communication - Hookfoot

Stock Number
SP 4380
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1971
Recording Notes
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Crazy Day Running Around 00:05:31
2 They'll Never Find Us Up There 00:04:37
3 To Stay Would Bring Me Down 00:03:37
4 Forty Winks 00:05:26
5 Oh Joanna 00:02:27
6 Here I Come 00:04:47
7 And Nothing Changes 00:04:40
8 Cruisin' 00:05:31
9 The Love That You Saved 00:02:22
10 Just a Little Communication 00:05:35
Credit Sort descending Role
Caleb Quaye guitar
Caleb Quaye lead vocal
Caleb Quaye percussion
Caleb Quaye producer
Freddy Gandy bass
Ian Duck guitar
Ian Duck harp
Ian Duck lead vocal
Ian Duck percussion
Jeff Titmus engineer
Jeff Titmus producer
Michael Ross design
Roger Pope drums
Roger Pope percussion
Simon Hayworth engineer
Steve Brown coordination

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