Big World - Joe Jackson

Stock Number
SP 6021
A&M Records
vinyl album, CD album, cassette album.
Released: 1986 -0
Recording Notes
Double album
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Wild West 00:04:36
2 Right and Wrong 00:04:35
3 Big World (It's a) 00:04:43
4 Precious Time 00:03:23
5 Tonight and Forever 00:02:29
6 Shanghai Sky 00:05:10
7 Fifty Dollar Love Affair 00:03:33
8 We Can't Live Together 00:05:27
9 Forty Years 00:04:33
10 Survival 00:02:19
11 Soul Kiss 00:04:43
12 The Jet Set 00:03:50
13 Tango Atlantico 00:02:58
14 Home Town 00:03:11
15 Man In the Street 00:05:03
Chart Peak Date
The Record 28
Credit Sort descending Role
Bob Ludwig mastering
Curtis King, Jr. background vocal
Dave Hewitt engineer
Dave Roberts technician
David Kershenbaum producer
Eddie Ciletti technician
Gary Burke drums
Gary Green photography
Guy Charbonneau technician
Joe Jackson accordion
Joe Jackson arranger
Joe Jackson design
Joe Jackson melodica
Joe Jackson piano
Joe Jackson producer
Joe Jackson recorder
Joe Jackson vocal
Joy Askew background vocal
Laurie Rosenwald art direction
Michael Frondelli engineer
Nikki Gregoroff background vocal
Peter Hewlett background vocal
Rick Ford bass
Rick Ford guitar
Rick Ford vocal
Scott Huff edit
Serge Clerc illustration
Vinnie Zummo guitar
Vinnie Zummo vocal

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