Camouflage - Masque

Stock Number
SP 9060
A&M Records Canada
vinyl album, cassette album.
Released: 1981
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Voices 00:04:03
2 Camouflage 00:03:51
3 Push Button Love 00:03:14
4 I'm Not Scared 00:02:32
5 Russian Roulette 00:02:53
6 The First Taste 00:04:12
7 Bottom Of a Bottle 00:04:31
8 Run For Your Life 00:03:01
9 Intuition 00:04:28
10 Everyday (Soldiers Of Fortune) 00:04:38
Credit Sort descending Role
David Burt guitar
David Burt vocal
Fifty Carleton & Associates typography
Gary McGroarty coordination
John Doerr bass
John Doerr coordination
John Doerr synthesizer
Kevin Doyle engineer
Marcel Aymar vocal
Masque producer
Michael Gallagher art direction
Michael Gallagher artwork
Michael Gallagher design
Michael Kendel bass
Michael Kendel keyboards
Michael Kendel synthesizer
Michael Kendel vocal
Michel Dasti drums
Michel Dasti percussion
Paul Northfield mix
Ted Jensen mastering
Tim Ryan background vocal
Tom Bush co-producer
Tom Bush mix
Tony Bounsall design
Vic Pyle engineer
Wasyl Kohut violin

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