Cosmic Cowboy Souvenir - Michael Murphey

Stock Number
SP 4388
SP 4677--SP 4678
A&M Records
United States
vinyl album, cassette album, 8-track.
Released: 1973
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Cosmic Cowboy (Part I) 00:03:54
2 Alleys Of Austin 00:05:05
3 South Canadian River Song 00:07:14
4 Blessing In Disguise 00:03:43
5 Temperature Train 00:03:54
6 Drunken Lady Of the Morning 00:04:22
7 Prometheus Busted 00:03:40
8 Honolulu 00:04:22
9 Rolling Hills 00:04:25
Chart Peak Date
Billboard Pop Albums 196 1973-6-16
Credit Sort descending Role
Allan McDougall edit
Allan McDougall engineer
Allan McDougall mix
Ben Talent engineer
Bill Holloway artwork
Bill Holloway design
Bob Johnston producer
Bob Potter engineer
Bob Potter mix
Craig Hillis lead guitar
David Malloy engineer
Eric Kronfeld coordination
Gary Bishop photography
Gary Nunn background vocal
Gary Nunn bass
Gary Nunn creative advisor
Gary Nunn keyboards
Gary Nunn melodica
Gary Nunn rhythm guitar
Gary Nunn synthesizer
Herb Steiner mandolin
Herb Steiner pedal steel guitar
Jeff Laytin coordination
Larry Cansler string arrangement
Martin Machat coordination
Michael Jackson engineer
Michael McGeary drums
Michael Murphey acoustic guitar
Michael Murphey arranger
Michael Murphey keyboards
Michael Murphey lead vocal
Robert Livingston background vocal
Robert Livingston rhythm guitar
Stuart Keathley engineer
Willis Alan Ramsey background vocal

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