Heresay - Paul McCandless

Stock Number
WH 1075
WH 1076-A/B
Windham Hill Records
United States
vinyl album, CD album, cassette album.
Released: 1988
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Sojourner 00:08:50
2 Beside a Brook 00:04:53
3 The Marvelous Harlequin Duck 00:03:08
4 Cloudy This Morning 00:05:15
5 Kinesphere 00:02:51
6 Tail Wind 00:06:13
7 Hologram 00:05:15
8 Eyebright 00:06:15
Credit Sort descending Role
Anne Ackerman art direction
Art Lande piano
Bernie Grundman mastering
Candace Upman design
Cookie Marenco engineer
Cookie Marenco mix
Cookie Marenco synthesizer
Craig Silvey assistant engineer
Howard Johnston mix
J. A. Deane synthesizer programming
Jim Marshall photography
Keith Green french horn
Linda Pearson photography
Paul McCandless arranger
Paul McCandless clarinet
Paul McCandless edit
Paul McCandless english horn
Paul McCandless oboe
Paul McCandless penny whistle
Paul McCandless producer
Paul McCandless sax
Paul McCandless synthesizer
Randy Sellgren engineer
Randy Sellgren synthesizer programming
Robert Firpo percussion
Steve Rodby bass
Trilok Gurtu drums
Trilok Gurtu percussion
Trilok Gurtu tabla
Wally Kane bass clarinet
Wally Kane clarinet
Wally Kane flute
Wally Kane piccolo

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