Pieces of Eight

I named the group in early 1967, designed the logo for the business card,  wrote the slogan for the business card, 
wrote both songs for the second 45, and was the principal music arranger for the group.--Carlie Barbour


A&M Records signed the original musicians in Pieces of Eight in 1967, shortly after the band adopted their name.  Recordings after Pieces of Eight left A&M were made by musicians other than the founding members.

Recording Years / Label
1967-1968 -  A&M Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Wally Wood 1967 - 1968 organ
Brent Fortson 1967 - 1968 sax, flute
Steve Caldwell 1967 - 1968 sax, vocal
Ken Heiser 1967 - 1968 trumpet, lead vocals
Mark Wrenn 1967 - 1968 sax
Jimmy Bumgardner 1967 - 1968 bass
Irven Hicks 1967 - 1968 drums
Carlie Barbour 1967 - 1968 guitar
Name Birth Death
Wally Wood
Brent Fortson
Steve Caldwell 2002-01-28
Ken Heiser
Mark Wrenn
Jimmy Bumgardner
Irven Hicks
Carlie Barbour

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