Welcome to the Club - Richard Kerr

Stock Number
SP 4721
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1978
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 I Can't Afford That Feeling Anymore 00:03:37
2 Live My Love For You 00:03:30
3 Dance Your Life Away 00:03:41
4 I Know I'll Never Love This Way Again 00:03:46
5 Magic In the Air 00:03:23
6 I Feel It All 00:03:17
7 A Hat Full Of Rain 00:04:29
8 This Is Your Captain Calling 00:03:04
9 Baby, Don't Let Go 00:02:58
10 Welcome to the Club 00:04:06
Credit Sort descending Role
Bill Champlin background vocal
Charles Bush photography
Christopher Bond arranger
Christopher Bond conductor
Christopher Bond guitar
Christopher Bond producer
Christopher Bond synthesizer
Ed Greene drums
Ernie Watts flute
Ernie Watts sax
Gary Coleman percussion
James Getzoff concertmaster
John Hug guitar
Junie Osaki design
Richard Kerr piano
Richard Kerr vocal
Roland Young art direction
Scott Edwards bass
Tom Hensley keyboards

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