Mirage - Richie Havens

Stock Number
GP 2057
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1978
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Live It Up (One Time) 00:03:09
2 Shadows Of the Past 00:02:34
3 I Don't Complain 00:03:14
4 Touch the Sky 00:02:32
5 Billy John 00:03:00
6 We All Wanna Boogie 00:03:12
7 Avalon 00:03:00
8 Aviation Man 00:02:47
9 Nobody Left to Crown 00:03:35
10 The End 00:03:21
Credit Sort descending Role
Armin Steiner engineer
Candy Van Duser production assistant
Christopher Bond guitar
Christopher Bond producer
Christopher Bond string arrangement
Darryle Johnson guitar
Darryle Johnson piano
David LeBolt keyboards
David LeBolt piano
David LeBolt synthesizer
Duitch Helmer background vocal
Gary Coleman percussion
Herman Ernest drums
James Getzoff string contractor
John Bruno assistant engineer
John Mills engineer
Junie Osaki design
Linda Tyler assistant engineer
Moshe Brakha photography
Paul Williams guitar
Richie Havens arranger
Richie Havens guitar
Rick Porter engineer
Roland Young art direction
Tom Scott alto sax
Tom Scott flute
Tom Scott lyricon
Tony Broussard bass
William Smith background vocal
William Smith piano

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