Sandpipers TV Show Appearances

Sandpipers made 24 guest appearances on television programs around the world. You can sort the table by the name of the television show, the date it aired or by country.

TV Show Date Sort ascending Notes
Real Tom Kennedy Show 1970-7-13
Something Else 1970-6-26
Academy Awards 1970-4-7 Come Saturday Morning
American Bandstand 1970-2-7 Come Saturday Morning
Spain TV 1969 Four song medley/Cuando Sali de Cuba/La Bamba
Liberace Show 1969-7-22 The Wonder of You
Once More with Felix 1969-3-15
Renny Ottolina Show 1968
Mike Douglas Show 1968-11-6
Hollywood Palace 1968-1-2 What Now My Love
Upbeat 1967-10-14
Joey Bishop Show 1967-11-24
Upbeat 1967-10-7
Joey Bishop Show 1967-9-15
Upbeat 1967-9-9
Mike Douglas Show 1967-8-17
Mike Douglas Show 1967-5-17
Lloyd Thaxton Show 1966-7 Guantanamera/Everything In the Garden
American Bandstand 1966-12-17 Louie Louie/Guantanamera
Where the Action Is 1966-11-28 Louie, Louie
Where the Action Is 1966-10-31 Louie, Louie
Milton Berle Show 1966-10-28
Top Of the Pops 1966-10-13 Guantanamera
Where the Action Is 1966-8-24 Things We Said Today/Guantanamera