The Lord's Prayer

Stock Number
SP 3639
SP 3677--SP 3678
A&M Records
United States
vinyl album.
Released: 1974
Track Track Title Track Time
1 The Ten Commandments 00:02:48
2 With You I Am 00:02:42
3 Gloria 00:02:15
4 Father I Put My Life in Your Hands 00:03:32
5 Take My Hand 00:01:54
6 The Lord's Prayer 00:02:42
7 Lamb of God 00:02:56
8 Keep Me Safe 00:01:49
9 The Earth Is Filled 00:02:46
10 Hold On 00:02:47
Personnel Role
Annette Terrill background vocal
Barbara Wooley cello
Barbara Yelland cello
Barrie Heidenreich keyboards
Betty Lys background vocal
Bob Chalker woodwinds
Bob McIvor trombone
Brecon Carta violin
Ceska Baret viola
Chuck Beeson design