Skafish - Skafish

Stock Number
XSP 008
I.R.S. Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1980
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Introduction 00:00:32
2 Joan Fan Club 00:03:20
3 Maybe One Time 00:02:49
4 Obsessions Of You 00:02:52
5 We'll See A Psychiatrist 00:03:22
6 Romantic Lessons 00:03:31
7 Work Song 00:03:38
8 Guardian Angel 00:04:09
9 Disgracing The Family Name 00:03:29
10 No Liberation Here 00:04:40
11 Take It Out On You 00:03:11
Credit Sort descending Role
Barbie Goodrich guitar
Barbie Goodrich slide guitar
Barbie Goodrich vocal
Barbie Goodrich whistle
Gayle Crowder vocal
Javier Cruz clavinet
Javier Cruz mellotron
Javier Cruz organ
Javier Cruz synthesizer
Javier Cruz vocal
Jim Skafish arranger
Jim Skafish piano
Jim Skafish producer
Jim Skafish vocal
Ken Brownowski bugle
Ken Brownowski guitar
Ken Brownowski vocal
Larry Mazaian bass
Larry Mazaian vibraslap
Larry Mazaian vocal
Larry Mysliwiec drums
Larry Mysliwiec maracas
Larry Mysliwiec tambourine

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