I Believe - Sounds of Blackness

Stock Number
31458 7451
Perspective Records
Released: 1994
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 I Believe (original album version) 00:00:00
2 I Believe (radio mix) 00:03:49
3 I Believe (classic gospel mix) 00:09:52
4 I Believe (deliverance dub) 00:12:03
5 I Believe (soul believer mix) 00:05:00
Chart Peak Date
Official UK Charts 17 1994-3-26
Credit Sort descending Role
Brian Gardner mastering
Dave Collins mastering
David Morales arranger
David Morales producer
David Morales remix
Frankie Knuckles producer
Frankie Knuckles remix
Gary Hines producer
Jamie Principle producer
Jamie Principle remix
Jeff Taylor assistant engineer
Jere McAllister producer
Jere McAllister remix
Jimmy Jam arranger
Jimmy Jam executive producer
Jimmy Jam producer
John Poppo engineer
John Poppo remix
Kelly Price background vocal
Melonie Daniels background vocal
Satoshi Tomiie keyboards
Satoshi Tomiie programming
Scott Ahaus remix
Shanrae Price background vocal
Steve Hodge engineer
Steve Hodge mix
Steve Hurley producer
Steve Hurley remix
Terry Burrus piano
Terry Lewis arranger
Terry Lewis executive producer
Terry Lewis producer

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