Spirit: Stallion Of the Cimarron - Soundtrack

Stock Number
606949 330422
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 2002-5 -20
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Here I Am 00:04:44
2 I Will Always Return 00:03:58
3 You Can't Take Me 00:02:56
4 Get Off My Back 00:02:50
5 Brothers Under the Sun 00:03:57
6 Don't Let Go 00:04:02
7 This Is Where I Belong 00:02:21
8 Here I Am 00:04:32
9 Sound the Bugle 00:03:54
10 Run Free 00:06:21
11 Homeland 00:03:41
12 Rain 00:02:50
13 The Long Road Back 00:07:11
14 Nothing I've Ever Known 00:03:52
15 I Will Always Return 00:02:50
Credit Sort descending Role
Adam Noble engineer
Alan Myerson mix
Anthony Seyler coordination
Ashwin Sood drums
Bob Clearmountain mix
Brian Vibberts assistant engineer
Bryan Adams background vocal
Bryan Adams bass
Bryan Adams guitar
Bryan Adams photography
Bryan Adams producer
Chris Potter engineer
Craig Eastman fiddle
Davey Johnstone guitar
David Channing engineer
David Channing guitar
Gavin Greenaway conductor
Gavin Greenaway keyboards
Gavin Greenaway producer
Gavin Greenaway programming
Geoff Foster engineer
Hans Zimmer keyboards
Hans Zimmer producer
Hans Zimmer programming
Heitor Pereira guitar
Jake Jackson engineer
Jay Rifkin executive producer
Jay Rifkin producer
Jim Dooley arranger
Jimmy Jam producer
Joel Richard engineer
Julie Imboden coordination
Katrina Leigh assistant engineer
Keith Scott guitar
Kevin Churko engineer
Kevin Globerman engineer
Kevin Harp mix assistant
Maggie Rodford recording supervisor
Martin Tillman cello
Matt Mahaffey background vocal
Matt Mahaffey drums
Matt Mahaffey keyboards
Matt Mahaffey producer
Matt Mahaffey whistle
Mel Wesson arranger
Mel Wesson keyboards
Mel Wesson programming
Michael Price engineer
Michael Verdick engineer
Mickey Curry drums
Mutt Lange background vocal
Pat Leonard keyboards
Pat Leonard producer
Pat Leonard programming
Perry Mason concert master
Phil Western engineer
Robb Boyd edit
Rupert Gregson-Williams arranger
Sarah McLachlan piano
Sarah McLachlan vocal
Slamm Andrews edit
Slamm Andrews engineer
Steve Hodge engineer
Steve Jablonsky keyboards
Steve Jablonsky producer
Steve Jablonsky programming
Terry Lewis producer
Terry Manning engineer
Terry Robertson art direction
Terry Robertson design
Tonia Davall contractor

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