Carnival Jump Up - Steelbands of Trinidad & Tobago

Stock Number
13491 4014
Delos Records
United States
CD album.
Released: 1991-4 -16
Recording Notes
Solo Harmonites, Silver Stars, Phase II Pan Groove, Carib Tokyo, Amococ Renegades, Neal and Massy Trinidad All Stars
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Tribute to Glenn Miller 00:03:37
2 Lara's Theme 00:08:04
3 This Feeling Nice 00:08:51
4 Panama 00:09:10
5 Carnival Is For Woman 00:11:41
6 Riders in the Sky (Chost) 00:07:54
7 The Pain In Me 00:09:03
8 Roti and Dhalpourie 00:05:00
9 Curry Tabanca 00:11:31
Credit Sort descending Role
Amoco Renegades
Andrew Dawson mastering
Carib Tokyo
Neal and Massy Trinidad All Stars
Phase II Pan Groove
Silver Stars
Simeon Sandiford engineer
Solo Harmonies

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