Escapade - Tim Finn

Stock Number
602527 487472
A&M Records
United States
Released: 2010-8 -3
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Fraction Too Much Fiction 00:04:11
2 Staring at the Embers 00:03:02
3 Through the Years 00:03:48
4 Not For Nothing 00:03:25
5 In a Minor Key 00:03:46
6 Made My Day 00:03:22
7 Wait and See 00:03:57
8 Below the Belt 00:04:22
9 I Only Want to Know 00:04:01
10 Growing Pains 00:03:01
Credit Sort descending Role
Amanda Vincent synthesizer
Chris Haig bass
Grant Matthews photography
Joe Camilleri sax
Mark Moffatt guitar
Mark Moffatt producer
Paul Ibbotson mastering
Peter Cross trumpet
Richard Tee piano
Ricky Fataar background vocal
Ricky Fataar drums
Ricky Fataar keyboards
Ricky Fataar percussion
Ricky Fataar producer
Robert Pearce design
Sam McNally synthesizer
Tim Finn piano
Tim Finn vocal
Tim Kramer engineer
Venetta Fields background vocal
Vince Gill mandolin
Wilbur Wilde sax

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