4 - Tim Weisberg

Stock Number
L 35371
A&M Records
New Zealand
vinyl album.
Released: 1974
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Invisible Messenger 00:00:58
2 County Line 00:02:02
3 Sand Castles 00:04:11
4 The King's Highway 00:02:39
5 Winged Invitation 00:03:58
6 Flight Of the Phoenix 00:02:02
7 Someday My Prince Will Come 00:01:30
8 The Bruiser 00:03:23
9 Angelic Smile 00:01:17
10 The Visit 00:03:23
11 Dion Blue 00:03:31
12 Premonition 00:00:54
13 Travesty 00:03:41
14 Good News 00:01:20
Credit Sort descending Role
Art Johnson background vocal
Bernie Grundman mastering
Dan Hakala ARP programming
Doug Anderson acoustic guitar
Doug Anderson bass
Jeffrey Weisel design
Jeffrey Weisel photography
John Arras engineer
Judee Sill acoustic guitar
Judee Sill background vocal
Judee Sill celeste
Judee Sill piano
Larry Forkner engineer
Larry Forkner remix
Lynn Blessing ARP 2600
Lynn Blessing organ
Lynn Blessing piano
Lynn Blessing producer
Lynn Blessing vibraphone
Marty Foltz drums
Marty Foltz percussion
Michael Boshears engineer
Michael Boshearts engineer
Roland Young art direction
Tim Weisberg ARP 2600
Tim Weisberg flute
Tim Weisberg lead vocal
Tim Weisberg percussion
Tim Weisberg piccolo
Tim Weisberg producer
Todd Robinson acoustic guitar
Todd Robinson electric guitar
Tom Clark lettering
Tom Peltier background vocal

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