Wild America - Tora Tora

Stock Number
PCCY 10311
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 1992-6 -19
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Wild America 00:04:45
2 Amnesia 00:04:50
3 Dead Man's Hand 00:04:06
4 As Time Goes By 00:04:25
5 Lay Your Money Down 00:04:06
6 Shattered 00:02:59
7 Dirty Secrets 00:03:52
8 Faith Healer 00:04:43
9 Cold Fever 00:04:39
10 Nowhere to Go But Down 00:05:00
11 City Of Kings 00:04:02
Credit Sort descending Role
Andrew Love sax
Anthony Corder vocal
Arthur Payson producer
Chuck Beeson art direction
Chuck Beeson design
Clarence McDonald piano
Eric Phillips assistant engineer
Erik Flettrich assistant engineer
G. E. Teel assistant engineer
Greg Redding organ
Jagermeisters background vocal
Jean Krikorian design
Jeff Katz photography
Jeff Powell assistant engineer
Jim Spake baritone sax
Jimi Jamison background vocal
Jimmy Bridges background vocal
John Hampton producer
John Patterson drums
John Patterson percussion
Keith Douglas guitar
Patrick Francis bass
Peter Hyrka strings
Tim Dills background vocal
Tommy Burroughs mandolin
Wayne Jackson trumpet

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