Anthology - Blues Project

Stock Number
31452 9758
A&M Associated Labels (Polydor)
United States
CD album.
Released: 1997-1 -28
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 I'm Troubled 00:02:30
2 Back Door Man 00:03:17
3 Violets Of Dawn 00:02:56
4 Gon' Down Louisiana (live) 00:04:04
5 Hoochie Coochie Man (live) 00:02:33
6 Parchman Farm (live) 00:03:32
7 You Go and I'll Go With You (live) 00:03:49
8 I Want to Be Your Driver (live) 00:02:28
9 Alberta (live) 00:04:52
10 Have You Ever Had the Blues (live) 00:02:43
11 The Way My Baby Walks (live) 00:03:09
12 Jelly, Jelly Blues (live) 00:04:45
13 Spoonful (live) 00:04:58
14 Who Do You Love? (live) 00:06:00
15 Love Will Endure 00:02:19
16 I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes 00:04:33
17 Friday Night City 00:02:25
18 Where There's Smoke There's Fire 00:02:34
19 Steve's Song 00:04:55
20 You Can't Catch Me 00:04:15
21 Two Trains Running 00:11:25
22 Wake Me, Shake Me 00:05:18
23 Cheryl's Going Hope 00:02:37
24 Flute Thing 00:06:01
25 Caress Me Baby 00:07:14
26 Fly Away 00:03:31
27 No Time Like the Right Time 00:02:44
28 Mean Old Southern 00:02:29
29 Gentle Dreams 00:02:37
30 Lost in the Shuffle 00:02:55
31 Black Night 00:05:37
32 Visions Of Flowers 00:03:13
33 Little Rain 00:05:09
Credit Sort descending Role
Al Kooper guitar
Al Kooper keyboards
Al Kooper vocal
Allan Tucker remastering
Andrew Kulberg bass
Andrew Kulberg flute
Bill Levenson executive producer
Bill Lussenden guitar
Billy James producer
Blues Project producer
Danny Kalb guitar
Danny Kalb vocal
David Cohen piano
Donald Kretmar bass
Donald Kretmar sax
Fritz Richmond bass
Gabriel Mekler producer
Jerry Rappaport executive producer
Jerry Schoenbaum producer
John McDuffy keyboards
John McDuffy vocal
John Platt liner notes
John Platt reissue producer
John Sebastian harmonica
Joseph Palmaccio analog to digital transfer
Mark Abramson producer
Paul Rothchild producer
Roy Blumenfeld drums
Shadow Morton producer
Shel Talmy producer
Steve Katz guitar
Steve Katz harmonica
Steve Katz vocal
Suha Gur analog to digital transfer
Tom Wilson producer
Tommy Flanders vocal
Wally Gold producer

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