Rendezvous - CANO

Stock Number
SP 9037
A&M Records Canada
vinyl album, cassette album.
Released: 1979
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Rebound 00:04:31
2 Entente 00:04:56
3 Clown Alley 00:03:09
4 Sometimes the Blues 00:04:36
5 Other Highways 00:04:42
6 L'autobus de la Pluie 00:05:52
7 Floridarity Forever 00:03:45
8 Mime Artist 00:05:50
Credit Sort descending Role
Brian Leonard percussion
David Burt guitar
Fifty Fingers design
Frank Kitson engineer
Hayward Parrott engineer
Hayward Parrott mix
Jack Hunt mastering
Jim Vallance producer
John Bentley photography
John Doerr bass
John Doerr trombone
Marcel Aymar guitar
Marcel Aymar vocal
Matt Zimbel percussion
Michael Dasti drums
Michael Dasti percussion
Michael Gallagher design
Michael Kendel guitar
Michael Kendel piano
Michael Kendel synthesizer
Michael Kendel vocal
Monique Paiement arranger
Paul Hodgson design
Peter Schenkman cello
Rachel Paiement guitar
Rachel Paiement vocal
Wasyl Kohut mandolin
Wasyl Kohut violin

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