Made In America - Carpenters

Stock Number
UICY 94230
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 2010-4 -3
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Those Good Old Dreams 00:04:12
2 Strength Of a Woman 00:03:59
3 Back In My Life Again (Want You) 00:03:40
4 When You've Got What It Takes 00:03:41
5 Somebody's Been Lyin' 00:04:25
6 I Believe You 00:03:54
7 Touch Me When We're Dancing 00:03:20
8 When It's Gone (It's Just Gone) 00:05:01
9 Beechwood 4-5789 00:03:06
10 Because We Are In Love (Wedding Song) 00:05:04
Credit Sort descending Role
Bernie Grundman mastering
Bob Conti percussion
Carolyn Dennis background vocal
Chuck Beeson art direction
Daryl Dragon keyboard programming
Dave Iveland engineer
David Willardson illustration
Dennis Budimir guitar
Earle Dumler oboe
Frank Pooler conductor
Fred Tackett guitar
Gayle Levant harp
Gerald Vinci concertmaster
Ian Underwood keyboard programming
Jay Dee Maness pedal steel guitar
Jeff Ayeroff art direction
Jerry Steinholtz percussion
Jimmy Getzoff concertmaster
Joe Osborn bass
John Engstead photography
John Robinson drums
Karen Carpenter background vocal
Karen Carpenter drums
Karen Carpenter lead vocal
Karen Carpenter percussion
Larrie Londin drums
Lynn Robb design
Maxine Willard background vocal
Paul Riser orchestration
Paulinho da Costa percussion
Peter Knight orchestration
Peter Limonick percussion
Ray Gerhardt engineer
Richard Carpenter arranger
Richard Carpenter background vocal
Richard Carpenter keyboards
Richard Carpenter lead vocal
Richard Carpenter orchestration
Richard Carpenter producer
Roger Young engineer
Roger Young mix
Ron Tutt drums
Stephanie Spruill background vocal
Stewart Whitmore mix assistant
The O.K. Chorale background vocal
Tim May guitar
Tom Scott tenor sax
Tony Peluso guitar

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