Chris DeBurgh
 -  Beautiful Dreams Live

Stock Number
602498 23387
A&M Records
Released: 2005-3 -7
Track Track Title
1 Carry On
2 Here Is Your Paradise
3 Transmission Ends
4 The Head and the Heart
5 Spanish Train
6 This Weight On Me
7 The Simple Truth
8 The Last Time I Cried
9 Borderline
10 Oh My Brave Heart
11 Don't Pay the Ferryman
12 Missing You
13 Missing You
14 Carry Me (Like a Fire In Your Heart)
15 Discovery
16 In Love Forever
17 The Lady In Red
18 In Dreams
19 I'm Not Crying Over You
20 Always On My Mind
21 Say Goodbye to It All
22 One More Mile to Go
23 The Snows of New York
24 The Making of Beautiful Dreams
25 Don't Pay the Ferryman
26 Missing You
27 Separate Tables

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