Chris DeBurgh

Chris DeBurgh signed with A&M Records in 1974.

In 1981, DeBurgh had five albums on the Norwegian charts.

In 1981, DeBurgh did a 14-city, 21-show tour of Canada. He sold out five shows in Montreal and two shows in Toronto. A&M believed the tour was responsible for making his newest album Best Moves sell 50,000 copies in five weeks and earn a gold record from CRIA. DeBurgh's back catalog sold another 20,000 copies.

"The Lady in Red" was a No. 1 Hit in 15 countries in 1986. Its album Into the Light sold over two million copies internationally. In Canada, the single went platinum and the album was double platinum.

"The Lady in Red" single was originally released in the Fall of 1986. It got adult contemporary radio time but did not garner much airplay from top 40 radio. The record caught on in Boston and San Francisco.

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson took Chris DeBurgh's "The Lady in Red" with them on their honeymoon.

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Recording Years / Label
1975-2002 -  A&M Records
vocals, guitar

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