Dancer - Dancer

Stock Number
SP 4585
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1976
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Magical Eyes 00:03:27
2 Back Into Your Arms 00:03:52
3 Here I Go Again 00:03:18
4 A Million Ways to Cry 00:03:47
5 This Is the Love 00:04:00
6 Summersong 00:03:23
7 Any Old Time 00:03:30
8 Game Called When We're In Love 00:03:10
9 The Last 80 Years 00:03:40
10 Till Tomorrow 00:03:10
Credit Sort descending Role
Bill Schnee engineer
Bill Schnee producer
Burt Szerlip assistant engineer
Carl Dante lead vocal
Carle Dante bass
Ian Espinoza guitar
Ian Espinoza lead vocal
Jeffrey Weisel design
Jeffrey Weisel photography
Jonathan Douglas keyboards
Jonathan Douglas lead vocal
Jonathan Douglas rhythm guitar
Nick DeCaro string arrangement
Rick Hart assistant engineer
Rick Ruggieri engineer
Rick Schlosser drums
Roland Young art direction
Tim Clark design
Tim Clark photography

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