Dore Alpert

Dore Alpert was the name Herb Alpert used as a vocal recording artist from 1961-1963. Alpert said he liked the sound of motion picture director, writer and producer Dore Schary's name, and Do and Re are the first two notes of the musical scale. Using Dore Alpert also prevented confusion with his instrumental recordings as Herb Alpert.

In 1960, Alpert signed with RCA Records as vocalist Dore Alpert. In 1961, he released a single on RCA Victor titled "Dreamland." The single rated a four-star rating for potential sales from Billboard. The brief review touted the choral and orchestra arrangement and said it was "worth attention."

In February 1962 Billboard, rated his next single "Little Lost Lover/Won't You Be My Valentine"as having moderate sales potential. Carnival 701, the first recording produced by Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss was released on July 25, 1962.

In September 1962, just one month before "The Lonely Bull" single would start its climb up the Billboard Top 100 Chart, Dot Records ran music trade ads featuring an Alpert single cut much earlier called "Tell It to the Birds/Fallout Shelter." Dore Alpert was featured with Pat Boone, Billy Vaughn, Lawrence Welk and Keely Smith as "Dot's Hot with the Following Big Singles." Sales from this single helped to pay for the pressing costs of "The Lonely Bull." Billboard's review gave a hint of things to come from Alpert--a multi-tracked vocal performance. Both songs were published by Sharolyn-Irving, the music publishing houses Alpert and partner Jerry Moss brought into their A&M Records partnership.


Dore Alpert: Tell It to the Birds


Alpert recorded "Dina" for A&M Records on June 20, 1963. It was released in early July 1963. "Dina" was backed with "You're Doin' What You did with Me with Him". Both sides of the song received four-star ratings from Billboard. The single became a breakout song in San Francisco in August.

The single "I'd Do It All Again" was recorded on January 13, 1965 at Gold Star Studios.

Recording Years / Label
1962-1964 -  A&M Records

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