The Cat Came Back - Fred Penner

Stock Number
33402 0209
Shoreline Records
United States
cassette album.
Released: 1990
Recording Notes
Reissue of SL 0209.
Credit Sort descending Role
Al Simmons banjo
Bob King bass
Clive Perry engineer
Dave Pascie spoons
David Landry photography
Ellen Herskowitz violin
Fred Penner arranger
Fred Penner bells
Fred Penner guitar
Fred Penner piano
Fred Penner synthesizer
Fred Penner vocal
Joanne Pascoe arranger
Joanne Pascoe viola
Joanne Pascoe violin
Jonathan Jensen bass
Len Udow background vocal
Len Udow producer
Michael Snook producer
Terry Penner synthesizer
Tom Watrous cello
Wayne Finucan percussion

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