Roaring - Hookfoot

Stock Number
SP 3608
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1974
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Tradin' Riffs 00:04:50
2 Rockin' On the Good 00:05:08
3 Maybe Tomorrow 00:03:15
4 Surely Lost Our Way 00:02:45
5 In Many Ways (You're So Beautiful) 00:04:35
6 Three Days Out 00:04:50
7 Ridin' On a Thunderstorm 00:06:05
8 Take It Where You Want It 00:01:15
9 There's a Chance 00:03:42
10 Roll Of Drums 00:05:37
Credit Sort descending Role
Bob Gruen photography
Caleb Quaye guitar
Caleb Quaye keyboards
Caleb Quaye producer
Caleb Quaye vocal
David Scutt art direction
David Scutt design
Fred Gandy bass
Fred Gandy vocal
Hookfoot arranger
Ian Duck guitar
Ian Duck harmonica
Ian Duck vocal
John Eden engineer
Phil Dunne engineer
Phil Greenfield coordination
Richard Rockwood illustration
Rick Irvine art direction
Rick Irvine design
Roger Pope drums
Will Roper engineer

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