Life Machine - Hoyt Axton

Stock Number
AML 207
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1974
Recording Notes
10" album
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Maybelline 00:02:53
2 Life Machine 00:03:28
3 That's All Right 00:05:11
4 Geronimo's Cadillac 00:03:42
5 When the Morning Comes 00:03:27
6 Good Lookin' Child 00:02:49
7 I Dream Of Highways 00:02:32
8 Pet Parade 00:03:16
9 Telephone Booth 00:03:34
10 Boney Fingers 00:03:05
11 Billie's Theme 00:02:31
Credit Sort descending Role
Allan McDougall producer
Ann Goodman cello
Bob Lind acoustic guitar
Bob Lind background vocal
Chuck Beeson design
Clydie King background vocal
Clydie King background vocal arrangement
Dana Brady background vocal
Danny Brooks background vocal
David Jackson background vocal
David Jackson bass
Dick Hyde horn
Doug Dillard background vocal
Doug Dillard banjo
Eddie (Howard Kaylan) background vocal
Emory Gordy bass
Eric Hord slide guitar
Flo (Mark Volman) background vocal
Frank DeLuna mastering
Gene Cipriano horn
Hoyt Axton acoustic guitar
Hoyt Axton background vocal
Hoyt Axton lead vocal
Hoyt Axton producer
James Burton dobro
James Burton electric guitar
Jim Keltner drums
Joey Cavanaugh Life Machine design
Lee Montgomery background vocal
Leland Sklar bass
Linda Ronstadt background vocal
Linda Tyler assistant engineer
Loren Newkirk piano
Mark Dawson background vocal
Mark Dawson harp
Merry Clayton background vocal
Michael Barone horn
Michael Utley piano
Milt Holland melody maker with brushes
Milt Holland percussion
Milt Holland vibes
Paul Hubinon horn
Ralph Mooney pedal steel guitar
Red Rhodes pedal steel guitar
Reed Fenton photography
Renee Armand background vocal
Renee Armand lead vocal
Roland Young art direction
Ronee Blakley background vocal
Sammy Creason drums
Sherlie Matthews background vocal
Skitchy Washburn background vocal
Terry Reed electric guitar
Tom Scott horn
Tom Scott horn arrangement
Tommy Vicari engineer
Vincent DeRosa horn

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