Nickelodeon - Hudson-Ford

Stock Number
SP 4426
SP 435--SP 436
A&M Records
United States
vinyl album.
Released: 1973
Recording Notes
Released as SP 3616
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Blues On Blues 00:07:53
2 Crying Blues 00:03:33
3 Angels 00:03:07
4 Dark Lord 00:04:42
5 Burn Baby Burn 00:02:57
6 I Wanted You 00:02:41
7 I Don't Understand 00:01:49
8 Revelations 00:05:16
9 Pick Up the Pieces 00:02:33
10 Let Her Cry 00:02:32
11 Tea Leaf (To Joss) 00:00:59
12 Take It Back 00:04:44
Credit Sort descending Role
Billy Bell banjo
Chris Parren clavinet
Dan Fern illustration
Del Newman arranger
Gerry Conway drums
Jack Emblow accordion
John Ford guitar
John Ford lead vocal
John Ford percussion
John Ford producer
John Ford sitar
Michael Doud art direction
Micky Keen guitar
Micky Keen pedal steel guitar
Richard Hudson bass
Richard Hudson guitar
Richard Hudson lead vocal
Richard Hudson producer
Rick Wakeman harpsichord
Rick Wakeman piano
Tom Allom engineer
Tom Allom harmonium
Tom Allom piano
Tom Allom producer

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